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Architectural Drafting has over two decades of experience in drafting including civil, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, architectural drafting and patent drawings. We have produced mechanical drafting plans and renderings in SolidWorks and AutoCad for many years (see 3D page). We have done work for M.T.H. Electric Trains and the Baltimore subway system to Boeing and Embraer Aircraft along with research and development.

In addition to mechanical drafting, we have done architectural drafting for home construction and remodeling. We have proficiently used Chief Architect in producing our full architectural drawing plans and 3D solid modeling renderings as shown in our gallery below.

3 dimensional renderings help customers visualize the look and feel of their potential home before it is constructed. This can also be done by implementing the colors from vendors like Benjamin Moore paints or using certain windows libraries provide by selected manufacturers. Using this software also helps to avoid potential construction surprises like bulkheads that were not expected and perhaps using other solutions to facilitate the anticipated look and feel of the designed home.